Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Academy of Jewellery Manufacture and Design also known as the Jacques Fabian Silversmithing School is independently owned and operated. We do not receive any Government funding for the Training we provide.

We will train all students to industry best practice. Instruction on the proper use and maintenance of all tools in the workshop will be provided. Any non-compliance with safety policy or instructions will result in students’ course being cancelled with no refund. All students are responsible for their own safety and well being as well as that of others within the workshop at all times.

If you see something unsafe – Tell someone

All motorized machines are not to be used without supervision.

All training notes and resources will remain the property of Panache’Fab.ENT. No reproduction of any images, notes or video footage is allowed without prior written consent. Any infringement on all Intellectual property (IP), Trademarks and Copyright will be legally pursued.

All work undertaken within this Silvercraft Studios/ Academy of Jewellery Manufacture; Design training facility (located at 41 Adelaide Road, Strathalbyn, South Australia) by any staff member or student is protected by Intellectual property and current Copyright laws of Australia. Therefore, copying or reproduction in part or in entirety will be deemed as a breach of this Code of Conduct agreement.

All items created and made under any instruction or educational process at the AJMD must acknowledge either Jacques Fabian or the Academy of Jewellery Manufacture and Design.

All design assistance and guidance provided by Jacques Fabian must be acknowledge in any form of advertising, product advertising or self-promotion.

Tuition costs cover lecturing only. No make-up classes will be offered. Consideration of such requests are subject to the discretion by Jacques Fabian – Principal of the AJMD.

Tool levy is applicable on all courses.

Perishables levy is applicable to all courses.

Material will be charged out at market rate and all accounts for materials or other are to be finalized on date of invoice.

Any and all disputes must be submitted in writing. All disputes will be resolved by the AJMD management and the Directors decision is final and no further discussion will be entered into.

Fees and Attendance

All course deposits are non-refundable.

Course fees are not refundable if post starts date.

Novice students must pay their fees for each term one week prior to commencement date or your position will be voided.

Full time students will be invoiced twice a year.

Apprentices will be invoiced once a year in February.

Online students will be invoiced for the face to face component and will pay the resource fees to the supplier directly. Link to resource suppler will only be provided upon invoice payment.

If you are going to be late please text us directly on 0488 441 635

If you are going to be absent you must notify us directly on 0488 441 635


This indemnity is to be signed and a photo copy kept on the A.J.M.D premises at all times.

I ____________________________________ understand that Jacques Fabian is not liable for any injury incurred to my person or my personal property. I understand that I am responsible for my own safety and my behavior at all times in the STUDIO41 facility. I understand that no makeup classes are available unless offered by Jacques Fabian. I understand that I can have my course revoked for any unsafe behavior without any refund of fees paid.

Signature:___________________________________ Date:__________________________________________

By attending any class, you agree to all responsibilities and obligations of this studio and you indemnify all staff of any obligation to your person or your positions.

Last Updated 20/08/2023