6 Week Just the Basics Jewellery Manufacture or Silversmithing

6 week just the basics in Trade Jewellery Manufacture or Traditional Silversmithing:

9.30am – 4pm
Monday to Wednesday for six weeks

Use hand tools
Learn about metals
Learn about heat processes like annealing and soldering
Learn basic construction

This course is open to all individuals who are interested in entering the precious metals industry.
The course will introduce you to the tools used in the Jewellery Manufacturing industry on a daily basis. You will then progress to learning how to use those tools in basic skills providing a practical understanding of the techniques and outcomes we seek in this trade.
This understanding will allow you to consider applying with confidence to Manufactures for potential employment or give you the industry insight to follow on with the Full Time Jewellery Manufacture course with a goal to begin your own business.

Some of the Topics covered

Topics covered are as follows:
1) Interpret Technical drawings
2) Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering
3) Use hand tools
4) Use power tools in hand held operations
5) Perform computations and
6) Perform engineering measurements.

As we are not a government organisation there is no VET fee help or government assistance available. This is not a certified course.

Included in your fees are:
Printed Resources.
Use of Studio tools and equipment
Brass and Silver materials pack. (If you make a mistake you will have to purchase your own materials to repeat the process)
Trade suppliers list

Things you are required to provide:
Note pad and pen.
A4 Visual Art book with spiral binding
2B pencil, 0.5 Mechanical pencil, eraser and ruler
Bic Black classic fine point pen
Permanent marker pen – fine point
Silver for final activity to be advised.